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tv   [untitled]    July 14, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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the recycleables. your insignificant is impeccable your enthusiasm in sharing the information and the skies you've made is rieshl to the point we've taken advantage of our goodwill but we had the best person taking care of the cities business we are mindful we owe your family and son mr. greg under the orange t-shirt who has allowed us your time so monday through friday you've arrived in the 7 hour to make sure the door was open and with the same reason you're the last to loaf you've developed and offered a wide variety of the services
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you're the coach and the sounding board and the inspector 14 our nurse the award winning passed try chief our the teacher and i have two final points to read the future whereas it's a privilege to be a city employee and from time to time being a city employee what about very challenging for all of us in different ways but you've made our work life easier and proven our connections are the most available connections in city government the public can trust us to get the job done and you've met their various exceptions you've been a true colleague that many of us feel touched by and fortunate to have had the opportunity to work by your side and we're sad to say they don't make them like you 0
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anymore but we've had you as a model and expected to follow in your shoes on behalf of the office of the clerk of the board i know they're mostly on that side of the room i'll congratulate you for fulfilling the public's highest trust as the evaluated colleague we'll miss you i'll finish. whereas current and past members of the board knowledge madeline's service with frequent repetition madeline knew her duties were not common place additional madeline to the he said now about it therefore revolved we give a toxicology of the great affection we worry
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about you well, and express high hopes as she stands on a bondless sea of relaxation and the board of supervisors will hence for the declare july 1st, as madeline in the consolidated city and county of san francisco. (clapping.) >> madeline before you speak i want to say a few words on behalf of our colleagues you began our service in the 1970
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that was when i was born i want to thank you for serving longer than than most of us were alive we're glad you put up with us and fixing our issues and making our work seamless i have one request knowing how much you know about us i appreciate you're keeping our secrets the rest of your days and mr. vice president i see there a a former president in the mr. pressing kin wants to say a few words. >> i want to week our former board president. >> thank you, mr. president and members of the board i'm pleased not to be here about the world
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cup's or treasure island i'm delighted to absolute madeline who say, i think one of an elicit core of people who have served department number one this department is the city's first department great there was a mayor's office there was a board of supervisors and it's department number one and madeline has been number one in department number one no job two big no job too small a everything madeline does including when i didn't get tickets for the theatre madeline gave me her ticket thank you madeline for all your service and to the city and county of san francisco for 419 years you
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deserve it. >> madeline if you want to say something. >> thank you very much for i'm overwhelmed what everything you read angela i want to read something. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to read a message that kate wrote in 2007 upon her retirement of 36 years she was the executive director of the service commission and services on that. her message from the executive director officer it embodies my philosophy to this with kate's permission this was written in appreciation to pay tribute to all city of san francisco who have dedicated themselves to public service employees of the city and county of san francisco
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contribute and play a vital role in our community and as a result of the duties the city and county of san francisco has benefited i'm intruding proud to have served the city for 311 years. as i reflect open my impending retirement i want to share thoughts and core principles. never forgot why we're here. working for the city and county of san francisco is more than a paycheck whether we're driving buses or paving streets or saugd our neighborhoods or progressing paperwork electronic or hardcopy effects people. our work is about others and it's about improving the quality of life for the residents and visitors of this city to this end we're accountable to the public. build bridges and pathways change is a part of our daily
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lives we provide leadership and directions for our workplace the city as a whole and at times for california and the nation that is a good thing to build pathways when formulating agreement and negotiating contracts and african-american our charters or rules and regulations or changing procedures in our workplace we're all part of the family on general hospital on the second floor there's a opinionating of a person surround by many folks of many walks of life everyone has a hand in quality patient care we're all an integral of the city services employees and union representatives and advocates and members of the
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public. be good to each other and treat each other with dignity put the best foot forward and be willing to listen to another person and create balances into person in conclusion i started with the city with a clerk typist and i was promoted to other clerical possessions and following the degree at night school and finally to executive level positions everyday working for the city has present interesting challenges and been a great experience because of the nature of the work and the people i extend my appreciation to colleagues and peers and union representatives and advocates to all whom i have had the privilege to work and to all city employees and the good work they do.
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i like kate worked my way up and to managerial position i hold today i've worked in 5 different departments and meeting wonderful people. today, i extend my appreciation to the board of supervisors and their aids and the clerk of the board to whom i've had the privilege to work with for 17 years and all the employees of who i've worked i've truly enjoyed my work i extend my appreciation to my family some of whom are here and have been supportive of most my service thank you >> thank you madeline (clapping) mr. president,
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(clapping) mr. president, with furniture indulge i request a group photo with the supervisors and i be taken please. >> roll call
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(laughter) (clapping). >> congratulations (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you madeline and thank you madam clerk why not go to 23 p.m. 0 so the first six or seven people we'll take comments and go to special orders so madam clerk. >> item 51 through 54 mr.
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president. >> public comment. >> excuse me. now is the time for the public to address the board up to 2 minutes. and pursuant to board rule please distributor our remarks to the board as a whole and speakers using transportation assistants will be given twice the time for speaking and if i need a document on the power point please speak to sfgovtv >> first speaker up to 2 minutes. >> good evening mr. supervisor and board of supervisors i'm john. here's a call to all san francisco supervisors attention to what i've been paying attention to for years san
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francisco has been placard with meter parking i have a many san francisco employees parking their vehicles in front of a meter with a dp plate or placards i want to propose who things in if the license plate is identified to transportation than that person's employment must be reevaluated there's a public issue involved and number two anyone that parks on a meter or handicap parking must have a dp plastic bottle particular caseer cards are being abused by families and friends of the disabled. there's cases are disabled individuals will pay another person to take them out and
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sometimes out to eat. family members or friends of a disabled individual must be able to pay for parking. the issue of monarchy parking has came up. there was new to you today that's been there since yesterday they have been doing the on and on with newspapers now, it's blew up on the website and on apps. > next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president. a members i am christopher i live on 6 and howard. i rise to comment on the exercise the practice of stereotyping are drawing
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conclusions about the past and future behavior of a person a because of a surface characteristic first members i want to engage you with a thought excerpt say today you moved to your honor, america someplace this is for the guys decided to make changes and let our hair grow that you recall as an and a accessory of individual it gets down to our shoulder you are surrounded by strainers and those people shy away from you and treat you like a treat and now do include guys and girls you have someone die our hair something to my color and you realize mine is natural all of a
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sudden those strangers change again, they mix a little bit contempt with their fear or suddenly treat you like a fetish object to prejudice can be negative or positive but it's all a little bit creepy. thank you, mr. president. >> is there any public comment? in public comment. >> good afternoon. i'm here representing the strarl american resources center in flern california we're very proud and pleased to see the action on on behalf of the supervisor campos and supported by all of you to address the rights of the lgbt q community that is the first step
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we have a long history to make sure that people rights are secured. and i'm sure you're aware of we're currently dealing with an overall humanitarian crisis you read about the uncouped minors i want to connect that with a civil rights and human right h that are being violated in the latino community. and this also connects greater conditions related to economic opportunities and lack of education and a lack of overall protection those are not unrelated it come down to protects for the members of our community and our country. and if the us is not taking a stand who will. we believe that many of the tragedies that we see are the results of a desperate situation
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related to poverty and the lack of opportunity for employment with we've meeting met with the community and the stories are terrible we commend you and expect this to be many of the steps on behalf of the our region thank you >> thank you. next speaker. . >> good afternoon. i'm anna an lawyer with the legal panel i work with folks seeking assume and lgbt folks who are seeking refugee in the united states because of the prosecution they suffer in their countries this sunday i returned from el salvador along with an attorney from new york and a professor from uc berkley i want to read a statement their proposing to
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their government because of the discretion and prosecution they've suffered. lightly translated and this is their platform we want an el salvador that is having protection for lgbt community want to participate in the national life of the el salvador. for that reason we're making the demands to our government provide specific promotion for the transgender of women and the lesbian women by promoting el salvador equality and put down discretion based on gender identity. we've formed the sex and this includes the lgbt population
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particularly with the transgenders and eradicate impunity and initiate a law for gender identity for the transgender population and actually lists institutional to protect lgbt individuals that are deprived of their liberty >> thank you very much. thank you very much thank you very much. as i said before we'll come back to public comment after our special orders at 3:00 p.m. madam clerk special items 51 to 54 >> compromises the special order for a public hearing for
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persons interested in or obviously to the condominium conversion and the motions associated with the appeal. >> thank you madam clerk as awe our clerk said we've received a letter from the appellant and i understand from the city attorney we need to go through the formalities of the appeal is the appellant here? okay. if the appellant is not here then we'll precede was we typically do with the appellant not being here any members of the public wish to speak on behalf of the appellant? any city staffers and the parties may speak. seeing none, if any of the public wishes to speak on behalf
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of seeing none. the appellant is not here with that this hearing is heard and finally. it's in the hands of the board i want to adapt item 53 and 54 >> seconded by supervisor breed. colleagues let's take roll call >> supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. there are 11 i's. the motion is approved item 55 and 56. the board of supervisors will convene a public hearing to consider objections to a report
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of assessment costs the subject of the resolution contained in item 56 for the repair of blight prospers through the sidewalk abatement program >> let's here from our dpw staffer. >> i'm robert quan with the dictionary and the repairs made and invoiced by city for the abatement program from april 2013 to april 2014. during that period the department established or costs for the sidewalk for the public and private properties throughout the city no longer to the notifications received by the city attorney's office the
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mayor's office of disability and issuing the notice of abatement orders and at a cost of 74 thousand plus for blight notice of violation and abatement orders one hundred and - seven hundred and 40 delores for a total of one million plus. 79 invoices were set back out to the private property a few were paid allowing the city to recovery funds. the balance of the property owners elected to have the cost of the sidewalk repairs placed on their tax they were not paying in a timely order we have a total of $21,000 plus to be
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placed as an assessment on the property. thank you very much. now at this point if people want to contest this line up on the side of the board chamber you will have up to 2 minutes to explain my inconsistencies with the report and we'll workout the issues and ask the dpw to report back. madam clerk please. good evening. i'm here in the city tights our understanding the repairs made on pg&e due to a coil they'll installed they came out and repaired it so we're confused as to why we're
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being educated >> any of the other members of the public. >> excuse me. ma'am, i want you to follow mr. quan out to the hall and we'll close out the item. >> why don't we go back to general public comment is there any public comment? to my of those items please step up, sir. >> just a general public comment. recently one of the members of the board of supervisors had a city ordinance congest that was exist for the san francisco students it's been over for a month and i haven't heard i'd like to know what happened what that thank you very much >> thank you very much is there any public comment? jane kim seeing none, general comment is
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closed with that, madam clerk your instruction calendar. there being a considered with immediate adaptation. at this time, members of the public may address the commission >> would anyone like to sever any of those items. >> supervisor avalos >> yes. item 69 related to local principle reduction and supervisor cohen. >> thank you item 72 urging the establishment of the african-american free speech trail. >> madam clerk call the rally. >> supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee.
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supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. there are 11 i's. those recesses are adapted and item 69 supervisor avalos >> mr. president, i'll read the item first it's a commending of the local program and declaring san francisco tennis for the joint powers authority to prevent foreclosures. >> i want to continue to the next board meeting. >> supervisor avalos has asked for a continuance of july 8th is there a second. seconded by supervisor yee can we continue it without objection we'll take that without objection.. and if you could call item 72 >> a resolution to urge the public works between visitacion
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valley 90 in order to identify the points of interests along the african-american free speech trail. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much well san francisco has the diversity and that is what makes the city a great place to live and work and do business it's critically important we tell the history of san francisco from all impacts and the native american and the lgbt and the chinese and the african-american of those need to be included appreciating the culture and the contribution of african-american community it's critical to preserving the african-american community and that's in san francisco. san francisco retains a very impressive portfolio for